What is Bee Le Havre? First of all, the Bee Le Havre City Tour concept is very easy to understand: it offers inhabitants of Le Havre City, Normans, tourists and cruise passengers to (re) discover every day the History and heritage of Le Havre.

How does it work? Bee Le Havre City Tour lasts about 50 minutes. The bus is a surprising city sightseeing yellow bus! As yellow as a wonderful Bee! Bee Le Havre City Tour is an excellent way to (re) discover the Porte Oceane (it is one of Le Havre’s nicknames) with a playful and family way in French, English, German, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Italiano and Russian.

Where is the Bus Stop? Bee Le Havre City Tour’s Bus Stop is located at Place Perret / Rue de Paris (in english : Perret Square / Paris Street). It is very easy to access our Bee Le Havre City sightseeing bus by foot, bus or taxi. The Place Perret is in the city centre of Le Havre between the City Hall and the Volcan.
What is Bee Le Havre City Tour’s itinerary? Bee Le Havre tourist’s bus tour crosses Le Havre: Bee Le Havre City Tour travels through the lower city of Le Havre. With this city sightseeing bus you will (re) discover all the main monuments, districts and Emblematic places of Le Havre city centre.

What are the departure times for the guided tours of the city of Le Havre and Saint Adresse with Bee Le Havre? As of the April 2022 vacation, our Bee Le Havre City Tour multilingual audio-guided tours depart every afternoon at 2pm and 3:30 pm from our bus stop located at Place Perret. Excluding on Sundays and Stopover days of Cruise Ship. Our Souvenirs Bee Le Havre store is also open during this period from 1pm to 6pm (from the morning all stopover days).

How much does it cost? 14 € for adults and 6 € for anyone under 18. Plus, it is totally free for children under 4 years old. It is possible to buy the tickets on this website or directly Place Perret at the Bus Stop. With all this information, quickly book your ticket for a guided tour in Le Havre and Saint Adresse 🙂

  • You can book your tickets in advance online by clicking there.

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Bee Le Havre City Tour
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