You are coming to Le Havre and want to try out our buses Bee Le Havre City Tour, Bee Le Havre Resto Tour and Bee Le Havre Honfleur Tour, but you don’t know how to get to our Place Perret bus stop? Here are a few ways to get here depending on where you come from.

Coming from a cruise ship

If you’re coming off a cruise boat, there are a few possibilities.

  • Either you walk. It is by far the cheapest way but also the longest and the sportiest. It takes arround 30 minutes at a normal speed. All you have to do is cross a part of the port, by taking the chaussée de la Manche which crosses some water.Then just join Avenue Lucien Corbeaux, going up to the North West. You should go past the ferry terminal, and then arrive at the Fisher’s market in Saint-François district. You just have to cross this district until you get to Leroy basin (by taking Rue du Général Faidherbe). Then turn northwise, until you get to a bigger basin, the ‘Commerce’ Basin. On your left, you will see a big white upside down yorgurt pot looking building. Head in its direction, and once here, you just have to go straight on until you see the ‘Perret Square’ which is surrounded by trees. And here you are, just in time for the bus ride!
  • You can take the shuttle bus. Depending on your boat compagny, it should be more or less afordable. And the good thing is, it will take you directly from the ship’s terminal to Place Perret. All you have to do is hop on, and hop off at its first stop. Our buses will be just in front of your shuttle Bus!
  • Take a cab! If you don’t want to walk, nor do you want to take the shuttle bus for your own reasons, you can amways take a taxi. It will surely be the most expensive option, but it should be the quickest. There should be a few taxies waiting at the Cruise Terminal for you to take.
Coming from the Train Station

If you’re coming from the train station, there are also a few ways to get to place Perret.

  • Either you walk. As usual, this is the longest but by far the cheapest option. It takes about 20 minutes at ‘normal’ speed. The easiest option is the following: when you come out of the Station’s main entrance, there should be a big and endless avenue opposite you, a liitle to the left. Just follow this avenue, named Avenue de Strasbourg, and you will get to Le Havre’s Town Hall and Town Hall gardens. It shouldn’t be too complicated because you just follow the traway. Once at the Town Hall gardens, turn left towards the fountains, walk up some stairs, and then you should see a colorful sculpture at the end of another avenue. Just go straight on until you see some yellow signs on Place Perret. For the prettiest option, all you have to do is turn left when you come out of the station’s main entrance, until you get to Vauban basin. Then just turn right and take Quai George V. You just go straight on, go past the Mercure Hotel, the ‘Bassin du Commerce’, head towards the big white building, and it will be just on your right. Once again, look out for the yallow flags and signs!
  • Take the tramway. Just take the tramway outside of the train station. Make sure it says ‘Direction la Plage’ on the tramway stop. Hop in, and Hop off two stops further at ‘Hôtel de Ville’. You will then arrive at the Town Hall. Turn around at a 180° angle, walk straight ahead towards the colorful sculpture, and look out for the yellow signs on your right.
  • Take the bus. If you don’t want to walk, just take Bus Number 3, at the station’s bus stop. Make sure it is written ‘Grand Hammeau’ at the front top, and get off at ‘George V’ stop.
  • Take a taxi. There is a taxi stop at the back of Le Havre’s train station, from which you can take a taxi.
Coming from anywhere else

If you’re coming from anywhere else in Le Havre, whether it is from the ferry or from the beach, there is also a way to come to our Bee Le Havre City Tour Bus stop. In any case, it is located in Le Havre’s city center, a few minutes away from the Town Hall. So all you have to do is make your way to the Town Hall, then take the Rue de Paris towards the Quai Southampton.

  • Buses. There are various bus lines that stop at the George V bus stop, right near our bus stop. For instance, you can take lines 1, 2, 3, 4, and 7.
  • Car. If you are coming by car, and you need to park somewhere, here are a few places: you can park along the Rue de Paris whenever you find spare spaces. Or you can park in the Town Hall’s undergroud car parc, which is free on Saturdays! (But unfortunately closed on Sundays)

So here you are with quite a few ways to get to our Bee Le HavreBus Stop!

And if we are not on place Perret, we might be in our soon-to-bee boutique just over Place Perret. You can’t miss it, it’s bright yellow!

If you have any more questions or any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us by email (which is at the bottom of this page) or on our facebook page

Hoping to see you soon,Sasha – The Bee Le Havre Team