Le Havre’s 2017 Summer in Le Havre (Un Été au Havre 2017) was a big success with a gathering of around 2 million people from all over the world. Inhabitants, tourists coming off cruise boats, or tourists that came especially for the event… everyone were here as it was “the place to be”. So come along with us this year again, and discover 2018’s A Summer in Le Havre program (Un Été au Havre 2018).

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Works of Art during a Summer in Le Havre 2018

If you were here for 2017’s A Summer in Le Havre (in French ‘Un Été au Havre 2017’), you may have seen quite a few works of Art around Le Havre city. Thus, a few of them are still here this year such as the Container Arches (at Quai de Southampton), UP#3, a massive sculpture by Sabina Lang and Daniel Baumann on Le Havre beach, Impact, which consists in two powerful water jets in the Commerce Basin, any many more.

This year, you can also admire Originally, which is the sculpture of Fabien Merelle’s drawing (which we will talk about in “exhibitions”). It is located at Digue Augustin Normand, and it is as big as an elephant so you can’t miss it. Another sculpture that was recently designed by Fabien Mérelle: To the end of the world. It is situated at Le Havre’s “End of the World” beach, and represents a father and his child looking out on the world… do you see the metaphor?

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Exhibitions during a Summer in Le Havre 2018

There are quite a few exhibitions planned for the summer, such as “Paper Trail… Drawing every day that passes”, which takes place at the Oscar Niemeyer library. It presents a collection by Fabien Mérelle, in which you follow an everyday man throughout the different drawings and different moments of life and emotions.

If you want to find out more about Le Havre’s port trades, go have a look at Le Havre Port’s new exhibition; at Espace André Graillot during the French summer holidays on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. You’ll then be able to interact with machines, as if you really did work on the Port.

Want to completely change scenery? Then the following exhibition will be just perfect for you. Landcape.Fiction is a series of stories invented by 17 different artists, represented through various ways, even allowing you to become the story’s author. It takes place at Le Tetris from the 23rd of June until the 2nd of September.

Festivals and other happenings during a Summer in Le Havre 2018

A few festivals and events will take place during this year’s Summer in Le Havre. First of all, the festivities were take off with an opening evening on the 23rd of June starting at around 10 pm. During 3 hours, it was a short journey around Le Havre’s beach, on which will be installed many big and small candles, torches, and any kind of fire displays. This amazing scenery was accompanied by 100 guitarists playing the exact same piece of music on the beach.

And all summer long, there will be more events such as the Moz’aïque festival, a festival of world music with all sorts of music, at the Hanging Gardens (from the 18th until the 22nd of July). At the exact same dates will be the 49th edition of Solitaire Urgo Le Figaro, which is a sailing race consisting in different steps, and starting in Le Havre.

Every august since Le Havre’s beach skate park was built takes place the Board Sports Week-end, from the 24th to the 26th of August. During the whole week-end, you’ll be able to discover some of France’s best competitors. You won’t be disappointed by the number of astonishing figures that you’ll see.

This was only to sum up A Summer in Le Havre’s 2018 programm, but you can find the official and complete programm on its website by clicking here.
Looking forward to seeing you soon,Sasha – The Bee Le Havre Team