The schedules of the 2 Giants of the Royal de Luxe company in the streets of Le Havre during the festivities ‘Un Été au Havre 2017’ have been revealed! The show takes place from Friday 7 July to Sunday 9 July 2017 in the city-center of Le Havre. Here is a short summary of the program and giant’s routes during these 5 half days (between Friday morning and Sunday morning):

Friday, July 7th, morning:
– At 10am, the ‘little’ giant will be along Le Havre beach and the St-Vincent district.
– At 11am, the ‘big’ giant will be in the St-Nicolas district before diving into the ENSM basin.

Friday, July 7th, afternoon:
– At 3 pm, the ‘little’ giant will be near the beach of Le Havre and St-François area.
– At 4pm, the ‘great’ giant (diver) will leave the ENSM basin, before joining the ‘small’ giant on the ‘Quai Southampton’.

Saturday, July 8th, morning:
– At 10:30 am, the 2 giants will meet together on the ‘Paris Street’, and join the ‘Quai Southampton’, the Perret district, the City Hall and the beach.

Saturday, July 8th, afternoon:
– Starting at 3:00 pm, the first giant will take a tour of the St-François district and then the ‘Quai Southampton’.
– At 4:30 pm, the second giant will leave the MuMa to join the Perret district and then the ‘Quai Southampton’.

Sunday, July 9th, morning:
– At 9.30 am, the two giants will have a common route from the ‘Quai Southampton’ to the Eure district.
Enjoy the triumphant return of the Royal de Luxe giants during this summer 2017…

Small confidence: In addition this summer to our daily Bee Le Havre City Tour 2017, we will valorize the artistic program ‘A Summer in Le Havre 2017’ and we think that you will like it… You will soon find more information on our Le Havre City Guide and on our Facebook 😉
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Enjoy 😉